Meet The Team.

Meet The Team.


According to his mother, Jesse already has enough tattoos, yet he is secretly busy planning his next few and would appreciate it if you didn’t tell her. After spending some quality time on the receiving end of a laser due to some bad tattoo decisions, he wanted to change the experience for others who could benefit, specifically around access to the best technologies for everyone and not just catering to those with ultra-deep pockets. He is also offering free courses in better decision making, which appears to be a “do as I say not as I do” kind of situation.

Before launching Evolution Tattoo Removal, his background spanned both engineering and finance. In the engineering domain he worked for groups including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and ATK Space Systems.  This part of his career included developing elements of Mars landers and satellites, but he was also involved with the National Ignition Facility, the largest laser facility ever built. Yes, yes, he worked for “The Man” but it gave him the background in lasers that started the wheels turning for zapping tattoos today.

Jesse switched it up from engineering to spend the better part of a decade working in the rat race called Wall Street. OK, so he suited up to work for investment banks and will attest that “The Wolf of Wall Street” isn’t actually that far from reality, but he claims he was able to sleep at night given he was helping raise capital for clean technology companies that make this world a better place. His investment views were published in Business Week, Forbes, and Barron’s among others. With a background like this, you could say he is a “bit” of a nerd, but he likes to think he does a pretty good job of hiding it with sweet tattoos, adrenaline-inducing activities, and questionable antics.

Jesse and his pup Sadie came full circle a few years ago to land back in Portland, Maine so they could be closer to the family they hold dear. Upon his return to the east coast, after launching several companies, doing a walkabout or two to center himself and redefine his path, Jesse dug in and built Evolution Tattoo Removal.


Hope has worked in the medical field since 2001, starting her career in the space working with family practice physicians here in Maine. Having been born and raised here, it was time to make her journey out west where she continued on her path with yet another family practice group in Arizona. She served as the head of the Referral Department for a family practice, and it was there she acquired her Laser Technician Certification in 2010 from National Laser Institute in Scottsdale. She spent the rest of her time out west as a laser technician with a focus on laser hair reduction, veins and tattoo removal.

As many do, Hope needed the time away to appreciate what Maine was to her, and finally moved back be closer to family. Shortly after her return to Maine she met her soon-to-be husband, and they were married in 2014. She is now the proud mother of twins, Haleigh and Liam, born in April of 2016. Impressively while navigating the chaos that can ensue with two little ones running around, she obtained her Aesthetics License in 2018 from Spa Tech.

She thoroughly enjoys operating lasers, and holds three National Titles in laser tattoo removal precision marksmanship (**this is not a real thing**) which has led to heavy recruiting from Space Force, but alas she feels it would take her too far from her family. Despite the major loss as it pertains to the security of our planet, we are happy with her decision and that she is staying on board with Evolution Tattoo Removal. If she left it would all go to shit.


Conor has been collecting tattoos for over a decade, and currently holds the office records for total tattoos, total tattoos removed, total tattoos planned and total tattoo coverups. He has spent a lot of time under the needle learning about the process and history of tattooing, and in doing so has gained a tremendous respect for the craft. He became interested in tattoo removal after hearing countless tattoo artists discuss their plans for lightening and covering up those they had grown tired of. Seeing the opportunity to talk about tattoos all day and help people create better artwork on themselves, he decided to take the steps towards making it a career. After spending his hard-earned time and money to pursue this path, Conor is now a Certified Laser Specialist and Laser Safety Officer at Evolution Tattoo Removal. He has been removing and lightening tattoos since 2016.

His favorite part of the job is collaborating with clients and their tattoo artists to create the perfect cover up project. If ever in doubt about the right artists to work with for the particular style you are going for, Conor is your man – a veritable encyclopedia of styles, artists, and who would be the right fit for your specific project.

When he isn’t zapping tattoos and doing his part to make the art out there all the more beautiful, he is usually busy entertaining. He rips on the guitar, and has a voice like and angel that has been the talk of the Catalina Wine Mixer for years. We aren’t going to lie to you, laser tattoo removal isn’t the most fun of all time, but if you can make it through a removal session with Conor without laughing at least once, we would be shocked. We dare you to try.