Complete Tattoo Removal

Ok, so you have finally decided it is time to move on and get rid of that tattoo that's been bothering you? We can help you remove it, make it as pain-free as possible, and we can keep you distracted by comparing bad tattoo stories while we zap.

Tattoo Coverup Preparation

We think cover-ups are often a great option for our clients if they just don't like their particular piece of artwork. It can save you a lot of time and money, while giving your artist many more options for beautiful new work instead of just blacking things out.

Pre-Tattoo Consultation

Not all inks are created equal. We hope you love that new tattoo for life, but going into it informed can save you a lot of regret and money if you ever change your mind. We can help you make some important decisions before the needle.

Tattoo Removal. PerIOd..

Evolution Tattoo Removal removes tattoos with the best technology at affordable prices. That's it. We cut out the expensive frills, keep it and pass the savings on to you.

We are not striving to be a full service aesthetics clinic with a menu of the next greatest things we can sell to you with the promise of eternal youth and beauty. We want to be the best at what we do, and that is helping you to get rid of tattoos you no longer want.

Our clinic is home to the first Astanza Trinity Laser System in the State of Maine. The Trinity is a best-of-breed laser system designed specifically for tattoo removal that can address all ink colors effectively. We believe in using the right tools for the job, so we can get it done right.


Our Story

We love tattoos and we're probably going to get more. That said, we have made a bad decision or "two" along the way, and we took it on the chin to fix them. We have been on the receiving end of both the wrong or ineffective treatments, and outrageous pricing for them. We have quite literally bled. This does not need to be the experience people have when going through this process.

We come from backgrounds that measure success in efficiency and results, not by overpriced promises backed with sub-par outcomes, and we brought that with us. This business was formed on the premise of investing in the best technologies rather than investing in the "spa experience" so that our clients can receive top-tier treatment without the overly-inflated price points.

Our Vision and the Ouroboros

We believe that all of us evolve and that our decisions of the past do not always represent who we are today. Tattoos, while often impressive artwork, can in some cases be harsh reminders of just this. Our logo, the "Ouroboros" is an ancient symbol that depicts a dragon eating its own tail, symbolizing the constant cycle of life and death and something recreating itself. Seems fitting, and let's be honest, it looks cool.

We also believe the industry built to address this must evolve, in that the best care should not be something reserved for only those with the deepest of pockets. Our goal is to provide access to the best technologies at a reasonable cost. 

Highly Trained Team

Tattoo removal isn't an art, it is a science. There is a right and wrong way to do it. As such we don't believe in in-house mentorship training approaches for this part of the tattoo lifecycle. Anyone on our team touching you with a laser has been trained on that specific machine by the manufacturer. The team is trained and certified by the top training center in the States, specifically for the technology and brand we use.

We are first and foremost about safety and efficiency but that doesn't mean we aren't human. Our team is highly personable and is happy to work with you to get you the results you want. Hell, you might even get a laugh or two.


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